SOLD OUT - PANAMA, Light French Roast

SOLD OUT - PANAMA, Light French Roast
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Product Description

The aroma of this outstanding Panamanian coffee is complex with sweet and spicy notes along with hints of sandalwood and soft nuts like Macadamia or Brazil nuts. It has a medium body with a velvety mouth feel. The taste is just as complex as the aroma consisting of a spicy dark chocolate notes with hints of molasses and a slight floral aspect. The coffee has a fruity note and delightful nutty character which is well highlighted by our Full City Roast. Producer Profile: Casa Ruiz is one of the most esteemed farms and producers of coffee in Panama. For nearly 100 years, the Ruiz family has been growing and processing coffee. Today, the Ruiz family still oversees the operation of their farms, mills and roasterie. In 2001, Casa Ruiz won the best coffee in the world award — the first Panama coffee producer to do so.

The Boquete Valley is one of the world’s most ideal places to grow coffee. During part of the year, the wind blows mist off the Caribbean into the Boquete Valley; at other times, torrential rains come off the Pacific. These conditions create a perfect environment for producing exquisite coffee.

Cupping Profile: Clean, consistent, rich, chocolate, balanced, delicate, soft citrus, almonds, caramel, and sweet finish

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