Out of Stock. - CELBESE KALOSSI, Full City Roast

Out of Stock. - CELBESE KALOSSI, Full City Roast
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Product Description

Celebes is a sun-dried coffee grown in the heart of the Indonesian island chain, at elevations of over 4,500 feet. Celebes coffee has several of the characteristics of other Indonesian coffees; however, it's a completely different and unique experience. Celebes has an extremely smooth liquor with a full-body and cocoa bean aroma and has hints of rich chocolate and buttery almonds, cinnamon, cardamom, and even black pepper are noticeable in the full-body and give way to a silky-smooth finish with just a touch of smoke. Celebes is renowned for its moderate acidity, complex character and sweet aftertaste. Truly one of the world's greatest taste treasures!

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