16oz "LA MINITA" COSTA RICAN - Light French Roast

16oz  "LA MINITA" COSTA RICAN  - Light French Roast

Product Description

"La Minita" Costa Rican coffee is an exceptional coffee from a prestigious estate in the Tarrazu region. It has a sweet and caramelly aroma and a noticeably pointed acidity, which makes for a lively bright taste. La Minita's rich complex flavor is enhanced by its medium full-body and a very clean, short finish. Hacienda La Minita was "green" long before being "green" was fashionable. As well as coffee in production and farm infrastructure, for many years La Minita has maintained a wildlife reserve of 200 acres of natural tropical forest. The health and well being of the people, animals and plants of the farm are very important. Fortunately, the climate and geography of the farm generally preempts the need to resort to pesticides. Herbicides are not used on the coffee and all of the weed control is done by hand with a machete.

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